Wapp pro is the palette companion of Wapp pro. It displays all the opened windows of the front application in a floating palette.Clicking on an item in the palette will bring the corresponding window to the front like if you had selected the window from Wapp pro'smenu.In the Finder, control-clicking on an item (or clicking&holding when FinderPop is installed) will bring a contextual menu.In the Finder, you can also drag&drop items onto the palette items. Drag & drop in Wapp Floater works like in the Finder : dragging anitem will move it to the desired folder. Holding down the option key while dragging will copy the item, and holding down option andcommand keys will create a shortcut. And you can also drag items from Wapp Floater palette.Clicking in the zoom box will collapse and "stack" Wapp Floater in a screen corner so it doesn't cover your windows anymore.Clicking in the close box will hide the palette. You can make the palette appear again by using a shortcut (by default control+command+W).Wapp Floater control lets you modify the behavior of Wapp Floater. You can select which corner will be used to stack Wapp Floater. Youcan choose which shortcut will show/hide the palette. And there's an option to automatically stack the palette if less then 2 windows arevisible in the front application.
File Size75.68 kB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.5 or higher
  • Wapp pro 2.3.2 or higher