myBDays is a calendar event and a reminder. You can set up important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, special events, kid's sporting games and any event that you wish to remind you of. myBDays is more that just a calendar. You can set background pictures for each month. Custom icons for important dates such as Christmas, Halloween, birthdays etc When you are finished customizing myBDays calendar you can save the calendar as a jpg and can send it your family or friends or print it. You can set up reminder alarm for each event. Alarms can have a custom jpg picture and custom wave file or mp3/ogg (requires PocketTunes 2.1 and higher). Features Supports PalmOS(R) 5.0 and higher Supports Landscape and Portrait modes Chinese characters for months Set custom background JPG pictures Set icon for specific date Set alarm reminder for specific date with sound and picture Save each month as a jpg and send to all your friends Save the calendar month and print it out to create an entire calendar Included viewer to edit your pictures Selectable month and year Change the moonth text for localization Create and edit themes 12 Chinese animal signs and zodiac fortune telling Customized fonts and color
File Size878.91 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 5 and higher
  • 300K of memory
  • External card