JShopper is a shopping list type application. Use it to store items you need at up 15 different stores. Items can be associated with multiple stores, so that if you need soda-pop for instance, one tap updates the need in in all stores that contain soda-pop. Now keeps track of quantity and coupons too!Features include: PalmOS 5 Compatibility in JShopper 1.7 New items while showing 'Needs' default to 1 quantity needed Added option for all items as 1 timers Added option to set quantity to 0/1 when items checked/unchecked International users should now have ',' for pricing instead of '.'s Added aisle column option Added price column option (with totals ability) ($99.99 max price) Quantity now auto set to 1 or 0 when you check/uncheck needs
File Size19.53 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • All Palm