Just-Install is a little tool to speed up the Palm applications' installation. As you know, when we are going to install applications/eBooks into our Palm devices via HotSync, generally the other Palm applications are also synchronized, as well as the system backup. If you seldom install applications, that's OK, but if you often install applications/eBooks to the Palm, it could be a waste, especially you have many other applications to be synchronized. Now, by Just-Install, this pain could be leveraged. You may simply run it, on the dialog box, the install conduits and the other conduits are listed there, by default, only the install conduits are selected, if you just want to install applications/eBooks while do not want to sync other applications and backup, you may simply press the "apply" button. Of course, you can also choose to sync other applications when using Just-Install. And please notice that you have choose the correct user in the Just-Install application.
Price USD16.95
License Free to try
File Size 332.83 kB
Version 2.1
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm desktop 3.5