TriHard is Palm OS software to track your daily training, and schedule your workouts. You simply enter your desired training schedule (in time or distance), and then as you want to enter your workouts, TriHard shows you what you had scheduled for that day. You can send your schedule to the Palm Datebook, or you can view it in the application. Once you enter your actual workouts, you can view either that specific workout, or you can view it a week at a time. There is also a graph mode to show you how your training is going, and visually show you when your peak and taper is. TriHard will also load and save training schedules, and it will even create a training schedule for you, based on your input. TriHard contains a built-in pace calculator, a calorie expenditure estimator, and lots of other cool features to help you evaluate your training. If you are a triathlete, or someone who likes to workout in any of the specific disciplines (swim, bike, run), then this is the assistant you need. Why worry about paper journals, when you can always have your data at your fingertips, and get access to information that would be almost impossible with the paper workout diary.
File Size246.09 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.1
  • 685K free memory and room for workout and schedule data