SilkScreen lets you perform all of the functions normally associated with the bottom part of a Palm device - the silkscreen - in the main display area. It also serves as an application launcher and has several other useful features like Virtual Graffiti, so that you can write in the main display area of the display. It does this in a unique manner by reserving small programmable tap areas at the corners and sides of the display screen and thus is immensely useful for devices with either collapsable Graffiti areas like the Tungsten series and devices without such an area like the Treo600. In each of the four corners are tiny quadratic areas that emulate the usual four silkscreen buttons. They are arranged in the exact same order and have a button closely nearby. The buttons allow to globally enable or disable the tap areas and appear in a darker shade to indicate that a corner area is active. Activated areas are functional in any application. At the bottom of the screen are two lengthy tap areas that serve a different purpose. The left one triggers a menu of all applications found on the device including those on cards. To launch an application just tap this area and take your pick. The tap area to the right of the applications bar is used to access the keybords, brightness and the Clock application. In addition there are also several shortcuts and battery status. Give it a shot - you'll love it. Full access to home, menu, favorites and find buttons Launch Applications or DAs from the corners of your screen or via hard keys Full access to alpha and numeric keyboards, Brightness and Clock Virtual Graffiti on main display CrossOver functionality with Virtual Graffiti Access to Card Info, Prefs, and more Battery status Configurable to exclude any applications Fast and reliable Great for any Tungsten and Treo600!
Price USD 16.95
License Purchase
File Size 446.29 kB
Version 3.7.8
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS v5.0