Fat Finger MessagEase

This FREE application empowers you to enter full text using only one finger! No stylus is needed. It runs on all Cliés with virtual Graffiti (NR, NX, and NZ series). Fat Finger MessagEase is a special implementation of MessagEase. You can enter all letters, numbers, and all sepecial characters and symbols using a single finger. MessagEase is an innovative text entry technology for PDAs. It is is easy to learn and use. You don't need to carry an extra keyboard as all characters available on a computer keyboard are directly avaialble on MessagEase's keyboard (no pop up!), and you can always enter data quickly and accurately. Although it may look strange to you at first, with a bit of practice, you can enter full text much faster than you do with Graffiti. Join a growing group is MessagEase enthusiasts and see increase your text input several folds. (Our Yahoo users group has swelled to more than 1500 users!) With MessagEase you essentially use only nine buttons to enter ALL characters. These buttons are bigger and easier to find and tap. Since the letters are frequency based, most of the time (71%) you tap on one of these big keys. Since your targets are bigger and your finger movements are optimized, you enter text much faster than any other one-finger or stylus-based entry system, guaranteed! Enter all letters with a tap or a drag of a single finger. Enter more than 37 characters with a single drag of a finger. Save your frequently used text of any length in more than 200 imbedded clipboards. Store and recall shortcuts inside your saved texts to be expanded upon recall. Have all the commonly used editing functions (Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Select-All) at your fingertip! Literally! If you have a Clié with virtual Graffiti (NR, NX, or NZ series) download it now and give it a whirl. It is free.
File Size263.67 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Sony Clie NR, NX, or NZ