InterType for Palm OS /Russian/

nterType is a set of software components allowing Palm powered devices based on Palm OS 5.x (a.k.a. Palm OS Garnet) to display and accept additional alphabets and languages. Only American and Pan-European versions of Palm OS 5.x are supported, due to core differences with the Japanese and Chinese builds of the OS. Further, not all languages can be added via InterType: the same limitation that had caused the device manufacturer to make separate American and Far East releases is actually preventing from adding Far East languages to a western device. Localization is pretty much essential for anyone whose native language is not among the ones built in the original device configuration. Even if you know English or German or Spanish well enough, if you are a native Russian speaker, you would likely be receiving emails in Russian, reading Russian websites and having contacts in Russian. Therefore, you would likely need to have Russian localization for Palm, not just an application-by-application solution. Without attempting to completely turn the device to Russian, InterType addresses the very need to be able to read and write other languages in every application.
Price USD4.95
License Purchase
Version 6.1
Operating System Mobile Palm
System Requirements Palm OS 5.0