SmartE6B is a practical program for Pilots for solving flying calculations.. Included are: Conversion Calculators : Statute / Nautical / Kilometers,Feet / Metres / Inches / Centimeters, Temperatures, Fuel Weight/Volume, IAS to TAS and Density Altitude and Pressure Calculators: Wind Components (Cross and Head/Tail wind), Wind Calculator,Time.Ground speed and Distance and a Heading,Ground Speed & Fuel required, Calculate an Aircrafts cross wind limit and the effect of wind on take off/ landing distances plus Beacon (Distance and Ground Speed) V Nav: Gradient/Rate and Rate of descent and a cold weather altitude correction calculator, non standard Pressure correction and ISA temperature deviation L Nav : To calculate PNR, Critical Points (ETP), display Required Flight levels and Hold Entry procedure calculator, hold speed chart and ATC Flight plan assistant Tools: A program to add up hours and minutes, and 2 programs to calculate the radius required for a turn
Price USD 25
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Version 3.04
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS