Uninstall Manager will make sure that newly installed applications will be completely removed when they are no longer needed. When you launch (open) applications, from the built-in memory or the Expansion Card, they save data onto your device. This data is used by the application when active, and normally, will be deleted when you delete the application itself. Each and every application on your device has to have a unique Creator ID. Applications, in general, use this Creator ID to save their data. When you choose to delete an application, the system finds and removes items that share the same Creator ID with this application. However, some applications, intentionally or by a programming error, save items under a different Creator ID than their own; these items will remain on your device, occupying your precious handheld memory for good. When using Uninstall Manager to remove applications, they will be completely deleted, including items saved under a different Creator ID.
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Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 5.0