Rand McNally StreetFinder

Rand McNally StreetFinder is the complete navigation and travel information software for your Palm Powered Device. Use the pdastreetfinder.com map server and choose from over 900 maps to install directly to your Palm OS device. Access the maps on your Palm OS device to zoom in on street-level details, search for addresses and even personalize your maps with color schemes and map markers with icons. BONUS - StreetFinder also includes the Mobil Travel Guide to locate nearby hotels, restaurants and points of interest. Now you can search restaurants by type of cuisine and read the ratings/descriptions from the Mobil Travel Guide. StreetFinder fully supports the SD/MMC and Memory Stick memory expansion on all Palm OS devices. It ais also comptaible with all Palm OS device GPS attachments to visually follow your progress on Streetfinder maps.
Price USD49.99
License Purchase
File Size 966.97 kB
Version 1.05
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements PalmOS 3.0