Pocket Cook

Pocket Cook turns your PDA into an electronic cookbook with a shopping list and menu planner all in one. Where ever you are, you can choose what  to cook, create a shopping list of what is required, and plan your menus weeks in advance. And if you are concerned about what you eat, Pocket Cook includes nutritional information on each of the 4000 recipes included, and even analyses your own recipes for their nutritional content. PC Companion Software: This Windows based companion synchronises with the Palm based software allowing recipes to be transferred in both directions. Pocket Cook comprises a Recipe Manager, Shopping List Manager and Menu Planner. The Recipe Manager can have as many recipes as you have space for. Recipes can be organised into recipe databases for easy management and backup. 4000 Recipes are included with Pocket Cook. Recipes are organised by category and style. Smart Search: Enter the ingredients you have on hand, and Pocket Cook will suggest recipes that contain those ingredients. Attach pictures to recipes for viewing on your PC and printing. Put your digital camera to great use to remind you of what dishes look like, or key parts of the preparation. Import recipes from the web or other collections in either MealMaster or Master Cook format - There are millions of such recipes out there waiting for you to import. Analyse imported recipes and your own edited recipes for nutritional content. Cook healthy but enjoyable food but know what is in everything you cook.  Smart Recipe Paste: When you see a recipe on the web you like, just click on smart paste and it will copy the recipe into your collection with a touch or two of a button. Customizable:  Categories and Styles can be re-organized to meet your own requirements. Recalculate ingredient quantities for any number of servings. Smart Scaling makes sure that your units are always the most appropriate. eg. 12 tablespoons will be changed to 1½ cups. E-Mail recipes to your friends in HTML format or plain text. Print recipes (and pictures) in easy to use format. Enter or edit your own recipes on either PDA or PC. Export recipes in MasterCook format. Export Recipes to your MemoPad so you can print, beam or print them. Automatic New Version Upgrade. Menu Planner: Tap any recipe and specify what day you want to cook it on, and that recipe gets added to your Menu Planner.  Simply tap any recipe in the Menu Planner and full details will be displayed. Shopping List:  While viewing any recipe, just tap on an ingredient and it will be added to your shopping list.  Export the Shopping List to HandyShopper 2.0. Combine identical ingredients with the a single tap, or add your own ingredients. Shopping List items are displayed sorted by aisle. That way all dairy products are together and frozen food is all together. Both US and Metric units fully supported on the PC and your choice on the Palm OS version.
Price USD 19.95
License Purchase
File Size 219.73 kB
Version 5.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS
  • Uses Installshield Install for the Web to minimise downloading time of required Microsoft components that maybe already installed.
  • Not OS5 compatible