Scrawl is a no-nonsense freehand drawing app that works on both color and grayscale Palm OS handhelds. Most drawing apps burden you with filename fields to fill out and bury the controls that you need quick access to in the menus. Not Scrawl. Scrawl flips through pages just like an artist's drawing pad. Your pens, eraser and color palettes have low profile buttons on the bottom of the page. That gives you maximum drawing space and quick access. Saving a drawing is automatic and bringing up a new blank page is instantaneous. Scrawl has a palette of 256 colors or 16 shades of gray. You also have a button that creates a new entry with a background in the color of your choice. Advanced features include: duplicating the current drawing (so you can save a working draft), optional graph paper background for easy technical sketches, beam feature to share your drawings with other Scrawl users, a unique set of color fill effects, ability to dither 64,000 colors.
File Size60.55 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher