Logbook DM

Logbook DM (DM = Diabetes Management) provides the easiest and fastest way to log blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, insulin, lows, exercise, ketones, and other notes. Logbook DM takes a proactive role in helping you to better manage your diabetes...not just logging information, but assisting you in better care. No other diabetes application for the PalmOS is as powerful and yet as easy to use. Logbook DM is designed specifically for those using flexible diabetes management, such as carb counting, multiple daily injections (MDI), or pump therapy, but is flexible enough to be used by anyone with diabetes who wants to keep a logbook. Features of Logbook DM Single-screen entry provides the fastest and easiest entry in any PalmOS-based diabetes management application. See statistics instantly for average BG, standard deviation, time-weighted average BG, estimated HbA1c, average daily insulin, average daily carbs, averages tests per day, and target range information. Statistics shown based on category and/or time-frame, including all entries, past 24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days. Customizable reminders will proactively remind you to test at specific times of days, after lows, or certain timeframes following meals and/or boluses. Alarm frequency can also be configured, as well as the ability to toggle the sound on/off manually, or automatically at bedtime. Health and basal rate information can be logged, including weight, lab HbA1c level, blood pressure, pulse, and up to 24 basal rates. Automatic categorization of entries intelligently categorizes each entry not just based on time of day, but also based on the carb content entered, while still allowing manually overriding any categorization. Automatic insulin calculation can be configured to specify up to 3 different meal boluses (based on time of day), and 2 different correction boluses (such as those using a sliding scale). Insulin can be calculated in tenth, half, or whole units. Unused insulin calculation option automatically informs you of the estimated insulin still in your system to help avoid lows or highs. Configurable to match your specific needs. QuickCarbs and QuickNotes provide instant access to your most frequently used notes and foods. QuickDM provides the convenience of stylus-free entry of BG levels, insulin, and carbohydrates. Exporting to the PC via the Memo pad in four different formats with various options, including CSV, HTML, HTML Report, and DIABASS desktop software for windows. Activity/exercise categories available to log specific details about your activity level and exercise duration. History page provides quick overview of all past entries. Archiving of data can be configured to archive data at 90, 120, 150, or 180 days old. Carbs calculator simplifies entry of carbs for multiple foods. Configurable insulin types and BG units, including 13 insulin options, and choice of mmol/L or mg/dL units. Try it today for free! Trial version allows up to 40 entries.
Price USD 12
License Purchase
Version 3.3
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.0+