Download your HandStory Basic, acclaimed as "the Swiss Army Knife of media viewers", is the simplest and easiest solution to browse Web Clips, read Docs/Memos/eBooks, edit Memos, and view Images. This 5-in-1 application can easily convert images and texts from the Internet right into your Palm handheld with one click of a button. It's a must have application for your Palm. 5 Cows from !!! 5 Stars from !!!5 Stars from Handheld Computing Magazine !!! HandStory Converter (Included in Basic) Use HandStory Converter on Windows for easy and convenient conversion of texts and images from your PC or the Internet. Enjoy 256 colors, 65536 High color image conversion. Convert selected texts or images directly from Internet Explore to your Palm. Convert address directly from the Internet Explore to Palm. Copy and paste information from any files in your hard drive. Use predefined HotSync setting for faster HotSync operation. Take advantage of automatic image resizing function on the HandStory Converter to optimize the image view. Download your favorite Clips and eBooks from HandStory Clip Service and eBook Service. HandStory Browser (Included in Basic) Use this multifunctional information browser to browse Web Clips, read Docs/Memos/eBooks, edit Memos, and view Images. Supports Palm OS 5 devices (Palm Tungsten T, Sony Clie NX series). Save your memory with 5-in-1 application instead of carrying 5 different applications.. Place all your Clips, Memos, Docs, eBooks, and Images in one category. No more redundant categories. Read and unread icons for Clip/Doc/eBook/Image files to distinguish read and unread files. Use Popup Menu on list screen to easily manage files. Open, delete, beam, categorize, or rename any file. Put an automatic security lock on any record by assigning a password only once like in Palm OS 4.0. AutoScroll and Incremental Loading features for easy Doc reading. Use Date/Addr Buttons to navigate Memo/Doc/eBook/Image files. Support for GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG and TIFF image.
File Size653.32 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.1
  • Windows 95
  • E 5.0