aAlarm not only allows you to set up 10 alarms at a time but enables you to set alarm time based on different city local time zone. aAlarm built-in 1039 cities' GMT and DST information. Features include: Supports snooze function. Providing a flexible way for you to customize alarm time on everyday or weekday only. aAlarm allows you to set alarm sound times to infinite until you press [OK] or [Snooze] button. You can now use Palm as your alarm clock to wake you up at every day morning. You can set alarm time in either other city local time zone or home city time zone. aAlarm enables you to use different alarm settings for each alarm. Sony Clie PCM sound can also be used for alarm. Support Palm 5-way navigator. Tightly integrate with aClock and aDSTKeeper. aAlarm shares the same city database, wcCityDB.pdb and wcCntyDB.pdb, with aClock. You can add/change/delete any city via aClock and then aAlarm will take effect automatically.
File Size50.56 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher