I have writen down the number in a grouping, so that they are easier to rember e.g. 0179 - 12 11 87 70. If you use the global find you have to remeber the exact writing including spaces and other characters like / or -. PhoneSearch will do that for you. This Palm Application (Creator: PhSe, 11 kb) searches in the Contacts (AddressDB.pdb) for the given phone number. It searchs within all five phone fields, regardless what type (private, office, mail other etc.). The Application is integrated in the global find. It removes all charakters that are no numbers and changes alphabetic charakters by the appropiate vannity value (ABC becomes a 2, DEF becomes a 3 and so on...). So if you search for the number above you have to enter simply 17912118770. While you are typing the list is refreshed.
Price USD 4.99
License Purchase
File Size 54.69 kB
Version 1.7
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements Palm OS 3.5 or better