Rat Shopper is not a PDA application, but a Windows application that can work with HandyShopper data files. HandyShopper is a great FreeWare application that maintains Shopping Lists (and other lists) on a Palm compatible PDA. You must have HandyShopper installed on your Palm/PDA in order to use RatShopper. Ratshopper allows changes HandyShopper lists, and also provides additional features not available on the PDA. Imports and Exports HandyShopper files Allows desktop editing of records, changing, deleting and adding from lists, stores and categories Selective exporting by category and/or stores Merging together of different HandyShopper files Importing from text files Exporting to Excel Creation of new Handy Shopper files Global changes of list item descriptions -- changing all caps descriptions to upper/lower; clearing all prices, aisles, quantities, need, etc. Supports several of the HandyShopper preferences -- such as New Items are Taxable, Stamp Today on New Items Support for non-English character sets, alternate numeric and currency displays.
Price USD0
License Purchase
Version BETA 2.12
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Palm OS
  • HandyShopper installed on a PDA with Hotsync to the desktop computer.