Personal Trainer-PDA (MULTI-CLIENT)

Designed for Personal Trainers, Coaches, Physical Therapists, individuals...Replace those bulky notebooks and index cards with this easy to use, flexible software package for all Palm OS PDAs. Personal Trainer-PDA is the "BEST PDA WORKOUT SCHEDULER ON THE MARKET..." It focuses on keeping detailed records of workouts, billing, goals and personal measurements (e.g., bench press max, etc.). It was developed to allow you to build personalized fitness plan with ease. It also allows you to stay focused, giving purpose to each workout. Because achieving fitness objectives is measured in weeks and months (not in days), it's easy to lose sight of the fitness goal not to mention becoming bored and quitting without some direction. FEATURES: *Billing for clients.  Track client's payments (date, amount, sessions, method...) (Multi-Client)*Track client's sessions (usage, purchased, date, time, day) (Multi-Client)*Beam client's workouts directly to their PDA (Weights & Cardio) *Receive professional workouts (Weights & Cardio) directly to your PDA *COLOR support for color PDAs. *Setup workouts with specific exercises and details for defined weekdays to stay focused and organized. *Create a custom list of Exercises for setting up your workouts. You can add, edit and delete these.(Not in Trial Version) *Create a custom list of Areas affected by a specific exercise (e.g. arms, upper body). Has the ability to add, edit and delete.(Not in Trial Version) *Explanations of the muscle groups worked with exercises. (Not in Trial Version) *Preferences to customize the application. *Filters and sorts to help find and organize. *Set goals to obtain. (Not in Trial Version) *Record exercise bests. (Not in Trial Version) *Pop-up date selector. *Password protected option. *Intuitive interface. *Databases are backed up on PC. (Not in Trial Version) *Note fields. *FREE updates and upgrades. WHY REGISTER TRIAL VERSION? *Enable all features with unlimited use. *You get e-mail support. *You get e-mail notifications of updates and upgrades.
Price USD 39.95
License Purchase
Version 2.4
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm 2.0 or above and 173k RAM