Get your family on the same page. Share and synchronize your calendars. DualDate extends your Date Book functionality to let you: Beam your calendar to another DualDate user Option to share Private events (displayed as **PRIVATE** with no detail) Alarms are not shared Receive another person's calendar The shared calendar is received as "Read Only" Accept a calendar from someone else to replace the current second calendar Delete the second calendar View two calendars together Your calendar and the shared calendar are displayed side-by-side in Day View and "merged" in the Week, Month, and Agenda Views Switch between single- and dual-calendar display by tapping the Active Calendar View icon Events are easily distinguished on both color and grayscale handhelds Synchronize shared calendars with other Palm DualDate users After sharing your calendar with other DualDate users, you can synchronize any changes you've made by beaming it to them again.
File Size268.55 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher