Imagine having an assistant who could do your computer tasks without supervision, flawlessly, over and over again, without ever getting tired? Or imagine having a macro capability that would be the same for every program on your computer? Or how about a Software QA tool that includes scripting, error logging, dynamic data entry, and a coordinate finder, and yet only costs fifteen bucks instead of $250? Tasker gives you these features and more. Tasker is the next generation program for the successful "RecordR". It was created to record your mouse and keyboard actions, and then play them back as many times as you like, at the speed that you require. Tasker can even run unattended or as a scheduled task that occurs automatically. Common uses of Tasker are to do boring and repetitive typing, logging in to Internet sites, testing software for quality assurance, or automating administrative processes when you are not at your computer. Tasker was designed to be clean and small with a simple interface that was inspired by the VCR: buttons for Record, Stop, and Play. That's all you need to start saving macros for any job on your computer. For computer experts, network administrators, and system developers, there are many advanced features that will allow them to discover many new ways to increase productivity, including a scripting capability that allows programming with files that are text-based. Beyond that, virtually any feature of Tasker can be customized.
Price USD 19.95
License Purchase
File Size 566.41 kB
Version 3.01
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Palm OS