The problem with installing software on your PalmOS handheld is that it takes too long. For one thing, all of your other conduits insist on running and for another, the standard Palm install tool just requires you to push to many buttons before it will go away. Enter QuikInstall. QuikInstall is a free program. It's purpose is to allow you to install software onto your PalmOS handheld as quickly as possible. QuikInstall has the following features: Ability to install to a single user or all users Uses standard HotSync so no setup is required Temporarily disables all conduits so that the install will be very quick Requires only a single key stroke to complete the install Features a full uninstaller so it is easy to revert back to the Palm installer Due to limitations in the HotSync Manager, QuikInstall is not able to disable the backup conduit unless you have BackupBuddy 1.5 or later installed.
File Size522.46 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 1.0