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Most PDA users have tried to use their finger in place of the stylus at least once. If you?ve ever tried this then you know that your finger will get you only so far. You can click the large buttons and maybe select and item from a list, but as soon as you try to place the cursor within a block of text you'll be reaching for your stylus. FingerMouse is a utility that allows you to toss your stylus. This is done by adding two extensions to the Palm OS. The first extension draws a familiar mouse pointer on the screen that you guide with your finger. The pointer will float an inch above your finger and move as you move your finger. When you lift your finger off the screen the location last under the mouse pointer will act as if it had been tapped with the stylus. The second extension adds the ability to preview strokes in the graffiti area. Each pen stroke in the graffiti area is displayed in a preview window. This allows you to see exactly what your graffiti characters look like, thus improving character recognition. Download the FingerMouse demo and give it a try. The full version can be purchased for only $5.95. You probably spent more than that for lunch!
Price USD6.95
License Purchase
File Size 48.83 kB
Version 1.1
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Hardware
  • Palm OS 3.1
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