A fully customizable, hierarchical Newton Menu, a clock (with instant access to the system clock), and battery gauge with an animated icon for checking the battery anytime with just a glance, a volume button with an animated icon which indicates if sound is enabled and a convenient popup with a volume slider and mute button, a backlight toggle button whose icon reflects if the backlight is on or not (just in case its real sunny and you can't tell), a convenient screen contrast button with a popup contrast slider, a default store button with an icon that reflects the current default store and a popup menu listing all available stores and the available space on each, a rotate button which allows you to rotate the screen at any time, a heap memory indicator which displays the amount of free memory, an innovative Letter Launcher box to access any program, built-in shortcut, or script by simply writing a letter, many instantly accessible built-in shortcuts for common operations like rebooting, connecting to a desktop computer, turning on handwriting guest mode for demos, built-in support for creating, editing, compiling and executing user scripts written in NewtonScript.
File Size344.45 kB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System RequirementsMessagePad 2000 or 2100 with Newton OS 2.1