This is a tool for bikers of all experience levels to help you gauge your biking growth. It provides a Session Journal, Goal Manager, and Bar-Graph mode.The Session Journal keeps information about your ride such as what route was taken, how long, and how fast. In addition, notes can be maintained such as your mental state, weather, and general thoughts. You can configure Go Ride to handle as many as nine ride sessions per day.The Goal Manager lets you set weekly distance goals. It will calculate the number of miles rode for that week so you can see where you stand in regard to your target. You may also keep notes about each goal.The Bar-Graph gives you the choice of three bar-graphs to display your ride history. You can graph distances, cumulative distances, and distance/goal comparisons. You will see at a glance your progress.In addition, there are calculators for distance/speed solves, miles to kilometers, and goal mileage. You can set a timer to track your ride start/finish times. There is also a local find view where you can search your Journal and Goal databases and jump to a found entry.
File Size53.71 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.3