UK Area Codes Pocket Directory Database

What's the area code?No need to struggle with a 20 lb. phone book if you have the United Kingdom Area Codes Pocket Directoryâ?¢ Database! Locate an area code by:City Name, throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, each with assigned area codeSpecial Area Codes, including Mobile Devices, Special Services and Premium ServicesNumber, including all 01200 - 01999 Codes, 0113 - 0118 Codes, 020 - 029 Codes, 0700 - 08719 Special Codes (with 1** and 999 Codes), 077 - 079 Mobile Codes, and 0900 - 0909 Premium CodesIreland Area Codes, including City Name and Number ListingsUK & Ireland Dialing Instructions, including Instructions for Local Calls, International Calls, and Calls to Northern Ireland from IrelandOrganized in a three-layer subject hierarchy and in an index in remarkably small files, so navigation on your handheld is fast and easy.
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