The PalmOS primarily notifies applications of important global events by sending so called launch codes. The most common launch code is sysAppLaunchCmdNormalLaunch which tells an application that it should start running. This is often the only launch code an application understands - and worse, sometimes the only one it handles properly. Other launch codes are sent when you do a reset, hotsync, change the time or country. Applications which do not ignore or handle this launch code properly will most likely crash. In case of the reset launch code, this will result in an endless loop of resets (escape by pressing the up scroll button!). Usually you will not see which application is the culprit. This is the moment where ResetEmu will come in. It sends every installed application a certain launch code to test whether it crashes. If it does, running ResetEmu again will tell you the name of the application that behaved incorrectly.
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Operating System Mobile Palm OS 4.x
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