Alarms are an essential part in the daily use of PalmOS PDAs. Unfortunately, only Handera has found a satisfying solution regarding alarms that were triggered while the user was absent: on the Handera 330 the LED will continuously blink until the alarm is acknowledged. This way you can immediately see when you return to your PDA that it wants your attention. ALed is adding the same feature to PalmOS 4.x devices with an LED (Palm m500, m505, m515 and Sony Clié devices with PalmOS 4.0 or 4.1). Whenever an alarm is displayed, ALed will make the LED blink in a user-specified pattern. The LED will also stay on while the device is off (on Palm m5xx devices it will continue to blink, on Sony Clié devices it will just be on). As soon as the alarm is acknowledged, the LED will stop blinking.
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Operating System Palm OS 4.x Mobile
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