Enter numbers much faster - just press the Silkypad "keys" instead of writing Graffiti. Do not keep in mind how to write @,#,$,%, etc. - just hold keys down for a short period of time. But what is even more exciting, you can still write Graffiti numbers as you always did! How is it possible? Read the section "How it works?" at the site of the Silkyboard - keyboard on a screen protector. At this site you will also know that actually the Silkypad is intended for demo purposes for a breakthrough new product - Silkyboard, which can make your life much easier. Silkyboard is a keyboard on a screen protector that fits onto the Graffiti area. With Silkyboard you enter letters, numbers and punctuation marks by simple taps and still can write Graffiti strokes while using the keyboard. This approach is so powerful that even a Silkypad, freeware version of the Silkyboard, is an individual useful application!
File Size10.74 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>PalmPilot Personal<li>Palm OS 2.0