TK Iconeditor Deluxe for datebk3/4

This Desktop icon editor is nothing short of a Photoshop(R) for Datebook icons, with all its functionality, such as flip & mirror (hor., vert., diag.), make negative, rotate, nudge. You can save a new or edited icon to any position in the icon set you wish. Not only can you edit your existing icons or create new ones on the fly, you can also edit your icon set by moving/copying icons around in the set or sorting alphabetically. Save your new icon set to a file or copy it to the clipboard for easy installation into your PalmOS device. This is what you've always wanted: no more problems with corrupt icon sets, no more manual editing of the DATEBK3 memo file, but a clean install, clear instructions and peace of mind! Get it now, it's free!!
File Size1.91 MB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 2.0
  • Pentium Windows 98
  • Datebk3