The future is wireless. Connected - Your data anywhere, anyhow. If you need friendly remote access to your Desktop PC from your Palm, Web enabled phone, home PC or public terminal, this program is for you. Access your email and files, run commands, print, control home automation, view security cameras over email, desktop toolbar, or the web. All using plain English. Everything is included to access your Assistant on the web, including read, reply, forward and compose email and send from your Desktop email account. You can also create a small public and private website. Ask your Assistant to send a copy of your contract to a client using your Palm. Why have your real email address masked by a Web mail provider or branded with a website ad when you can send mail from your real email account. Uses extendable plugins. More are being written all the time! "Send me a summary of new email" "Send all new messages from "Joe"" [address book lookup] "Please print "C:\My Docs\Contract.doc", thanks!""Download file into c:\downloads\setup-epa.exe" "Alert my pager to new email from Frank."
File Size1.62 MB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Hardware
  • Any OS
  • Pentium
  • Windows98se