Niborex Electronic E6-B

The Niborex Electronic E6-B provides over 40 calculations, functions, and conversions required for a safe and successful flight. Of key importance is ease of use. The Niborex Electronic E6-B product allows for full single-handed operation without the need for a stylus. E6-B Calculations, Functions, Conversions: With 21 E6-B aviation calculations and 18 aviation conversions (more than any other electronic E6-B), the Niborex Electronic E6-B provides much more. Situational Awareness: Just knowing where you are, and where you are headed may save your life. The exclusive, easy-to-use, graphical, electronic holding and landing pattern entry calculators provide pilots critical situational awareness at the touch of a button. Flight Timers: The best-of-breed, precision timer includes stopwatch functionality for counting up/down, and even tracking holding legs. Weight & Balance: Very few things in aviation are as critical as proper weight and balance calculations. This fast and easy-to-use weight and balance calculator ensures every flight is a safe one.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher
  • Palm HotSync Manager software4.0 or higher