SCX is a general-purpose high-precision calculator that combines standard mathematical functions with pricing functions needed in the business/retail world. It's designed for simplicity and ease of use. Features: SCX has a large, easy to read 15-digit display with 30 digits of internal precision. Errors during entry can be corrected with the Graffiti backspace stroke. The Cost/Sell/Margin buttons provide a simple way to determine pricing information. The % function allows rapid discount and markup calculations. The last-entered operator (+,-,x,Ã?*) is highlighted, and can be repeated by pressing [=]. Keystroke equivalents allow SCX to be operated via Graffiti or an external keyboard. Automatically uses ',' instead of '.' according to the system preferences. Can be configured (via the Preferences app) as a drop-in replacement for the built-in Palm calculator. Compatible with all Palm devices.
File Size12.5 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher