PowerDrive is an application for PalmOne LifeDrive devices that will allow you to repartition your device to have a bigger RAM area or a bigger internal drive area. It will also allow use of ANY other CF card instead of the original microdrive for size and speed improvements, naturally. To use this application, make sure your LifeDrive has LifeDrive v2.0 update from Palm, Inc. installed. The use of PowerDrive is simple: You'll need an SD card with at least 32MB free space on it and the application. If you'll be replacing the internal drive, you'll of course need a new CF card. Any card over 64MB will work. To operate the program install and just run it. The application will update your device's ROM. This is normal and expected. PalmOne did not allow the device to boot off other cards, and this update allows this. After this the application will backup the needed parts of PalmOS to the SD card and ask you to insert the new CF card. If you will not be installing a new card, press cancel, else carefully remove the microdrive and insert the new CF card in its place. Be sure to get all the pins in. Now press OK on the screen. You will be told the size of the new card and told the size the OS will need and asked for how much RAM you want. Internal drive will take up all the remaining space. Be careful here. Make sure to have at least 16MB RAM and 16MB internal drive. The application will continue. After the end it will ask you to reset the device, do so using your stylus in the hole on the bottom-right of the device.
Price USD15.95
License Free to try
File Size 39.9 kB
Version 425
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 5.0 or higher