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BrainForest Deluxe is the premier outliner, checklist manager, idea keeper, and project planner for Palm OS handheld users. And BrainForest isn't just a better To Do List â�" it helps you sift, group and prioritize information, track your progress and completion, and make sense out of the action items in your life. Convenient Plan a shopping trip, a speech, a wedding. Jot down ideas. Manage projects. Juggle priorities. BrainForest is the right tool for the job. Structured BrainForest displays information using an intuitive Trees, Branches, and Leaves analogy - similar to the Outline function in Microsoft Word. It groups related ideas, action items, checklists, to-dos, internet URLs, email addresses, etc. Flexible Items can be rearranged by dragging them from one location to another. Trees can be copied and pasted. Data can be imported and exported. Powerful Keep track of teams and projects, recurring items, due dates and priorities. Keep your projects under control. Simple You don't need to be a database programmer to use BrainForest. You can start entering your data within seconds.
Price USD24.95
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Version 4.04
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm
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