Agendus for Palm OS Premier Edition

Agendus Premier Takes the Hassle Out of Scheduling Meetings Sending Appointment Invitations: Simply choose contacts from your address book, create the meeting�????�???�??�?�¢�???�??�?�¢?�???�??�?�¬�???�??�?�¢?�???�??�?�¢s description, and Agendus will send a SMS (text message) immediately to the invitees. Checking for Free Time: Agendus automatically scans invitees�????�???�??�?�¢�???�??�?�¢?�???�??�?�¬�???�??�?�¢?�???�??�?�¢ schedules for availability (if they have Agendus installed as well) and informs them if detects a conflict in their calendars When the intelligent notification arrives, the invitee can accept or decline without delay. Tracking Responses: Agendus keeps track of responses so you�????�???�??�?�¢�???�??�?�¢?�???�??�?�¬�???�??�?�¢?�???�??�?�¢ll know exactly how many people accepted, declined, or have not replied to your meeting in real time.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.57 MB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm