Connect to your favorite IRC network with the most advanced IRC client for PalmOS. With ptpChat you can connect to virtually any IRC server from the easy to use interface. Set up multiple servers to quickly switch from one to another. Set a seperate nickname, username, real name, connect commands and channels to join for each network; or set a global preference and use that instead. Use the ever-expanding preferences panel to set options such as having your device beep when your nickname and/or selected words are used when in the background. Quickly switch channels using the easily accessible tabs or use the 5-way navigator (preference). Never miss what's going on with the color changing notifications of the tabs. See which channels are available on a server by using the channel list popup. See which users are available on a channel using the user list popup.
License Free
File Size 91.42 kB
Version 1.1
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements