DbFixIt for Palm OS�® is a new utility that is designed to detect and repair errors in Palm OS databases. In particular, it knows the precise structure of the standard Palm OS and proprietary PalmOne PIM databases and can selectively repair those errors. Corrupt databases can cause all kinds of problems from crashing applications, hanging or crashing conduits, or causing unexpected errors such as retrieving the wrong record on a global find. DbFixIt is the first Palm OS utility to address all these issues. It will be especially of interest to those people who rarely sync with a desktop, or run into a corruption issue when no desktop is around to refresh the database from, or when the associated conduit just won't run. A one-touch Easy Ck. or Easy Fix button checks all the standard PIM databases and repairs them, making operation very simple. For advanced users, there is the ability to scan individual databases, backup and restore databases, and remove selected ranges of records. There is a feature that will scan every record in a database for a matching string and then allow the record to be deleted (useful if the application in question crashes when attempting to access a record that appears to be corrupt).
File Size562.85 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PALM OS OS 2.0 or later.