PowerLink will make sure the GoodLink system is always available after a system reset or a phone radio power up. If the Treo is reset, PowerLink will know if the phone's radio was on prior to the reset. If the Treo was enabled to recieve phone calls, then Power Link will make sure the Treo's phone radio is powered up following the reset. Next, PowerLink will force a connection to the network so GoodLink has an open channel to communicate. Lastly, PowerLink will then run the GoodLink application to make sure the GoodLink system is ready to recieve emails. PowerLink will also monitor the status of the Treo's phone radio and if the phone radio is powered on, PowerLink will create a network connection so GoodLink has an open channel to communicate with the GoodLink server. Lastly, PowerLink has an option to force the network to stay connected. This option is useful if your Treo tends to drop network connectivity leaving GoodLink without a communcation path to the GoodLink Server.
Price USD 14.95
License Purchase
File Size 38.53 MB
Version 1.02
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements None