BeSafe for MS Windows

BeSafe (from Beiks electronic safe) allows quick reference to sensitive data, while protecting it even in case of device loss or theft. BeSafe for Microsoft Windows is a complimentary conduit/desktop client to the popular BeSafe for PalmOSâ. Users can now enter, modify and lookup same information directly from their desktop machines and it will always be synchronized with their device. Although complimentary to the PalmOS version, BeSafe for MS Windows is released as a standalone title. There are different reasons for doing so, one of which is to protect users not running MS Windowsâ from paying for something they may not use. For MS Windowsâ users, please consider directly purchasing the BeSafe PE for PalmOS/Windows bundle at discounted price! Unless you get the bundle, you would only be able to order the titles separately! Features: Allows you to remember only one password and easily lookup any other. No option to "hack" the program - the only unlocking key is in your head; every other entered key would simply display garbage. Uses the extremely strong Advanced Encryption Standard (read facts) Data could organized in different categories. Configurable automatic program shutdown for improving security Free updates for registered users.
Price USD10
License Purchase
File Size 2.48 MB
Version 2.1
Operating System Palm Mobile
System Requirements Palm OS 3.0