e*Mail: a mail application which includes very minor enhancements to the built-in Mail application of Palm devices. I have been using the built-in Mail application for reading and writing e-mail on the road. The built-in Mail is a simple application, though it's very useful. I was beginning to think that I wanna some features it lacks... Features: Fully compatible with the built-in Mail application. (of course!) User interfaces are not drastically changed. And I will not change as much as possible in the future. You can reverse the sort order on the list view. You can ignore 'Re:', 'RE:', 're:', 'Fw:', 'FW:', 'fw:', 'Aw:', 'AW:', 'aw:' when sorting. You can leave an opened, ie. read, message unread. You can set the default BCC address. You can set a maximum of 32000 bytes for the HotSync truncation size. (new feature of version 0.1.6) You can delete messages according to certain criteria, read flag, and/or message fields: From, Subject, To, Cc. (new feature of 0.2.0) You can preserve original linefeed when replying. Time-stamp sent messages: You can record date and time when you put an outgoing message in Outbox, i.e. you tap the 'Send' button. This feature is suggested by Roger Sondermann . Purge deleted messages completely: You can purge the deleted messages completely from device. By default entries of deleted messages remain until next HotSync. With this option you can erase both entries and data of deleted messages immediately. This will break normal HotSync operation. Use this with caution. Use Reply-To header: You can honor Reply-To header of original message. Can edit the comment prefix character.
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License Purchase
File Size 31.25 kB
Version 1.5.5
Operating System Mobile, Palm
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0
  • Any Hardware