With a few taps on the Palm's screen, find out what the time is in Casablanca, Morocco or Katmandu, Nepal, or what the flight distance is between New York and Seoul Korea. With a single tap, convert Korean Won to US Dollars or visa versa.A tool for the world traveler, the City program for the Palm Pilot brings the world to the palm of your hand. Information about 158 countries and 183 cities is included. A world map, regional maps and individual country graphics are provided. With a few taps on the selection screens, a user picks 2 cities, a destination and a home city. Perspective dates and times are displayed along with the distance between these two cities, the local currency name and rate, and a currency converter, which allows for easy calculation between local currency and the US dollar. At least one major city is included in each country.This program is fully configurable by the user. All information about a country or city is editable. New cities can be added. Each city is associated with a memo where pertinent data can be kept.
Price USD 15
License Purchase
File Size 117.19 kB
Version 1.2
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Hardware
  • Palm OS 3.1