GPL - source included. This includes conduits so that you can use your Palm (Visor, Clie...) as a Floppy disk. It also works with expansion cards (SD/MMC, CF for Handera, untested Memory Stick for Clie). When the files are on your palm you can view GIF or PNGs, convert text to fax or a "doc file", send, receive, or view a fax or use Ymodem to transfer to computers without HotSync, Beam, Play MIDI files (better with external hardware), View Tar and ZIP files, GZIP/GUNZip, etc. Includes a microbrowser and microserver so you can get or serve web data. Includes RUnZip prc compressor - shrinks infrequently used PRCs and decompresses them. Also includes ZipSync which greatly speeds up syncing when you have thousands of small records.
File Size806.46 kB
Operating System Mobile
System RequirementsPalm OS 3.1