This encapsulates files on the desktop and installs them on the Palm, and has an "Unbox" both as program and conduit (Win, Mac in development). On the palm, the files can be beamed, unzipped, installed (prc/pdb/pqa), installed as DOC files, with more stuff planned.ZCardZ lets you do all the above things to real files on expansion cards (MMC, memory stick, etc). including the viewing and faxing functions. Plus you can do normal file management things like copy, make directory, delete, rename...Ymodem (don't need HotSync!), or Raw serial transfers, FAX view, send, and receive (diddle bug plugin for sending images)Play MIDI (and gzipped MIDI) files using the speaker (one track, monophonic) or external hardware.View GIF or PNG files (8 magnification levels). Color on the IIIc, 16 grey most others.Compress applications and run them by clicking on the compressed icon (OS 3.3+).NOTE LaunchBox (included) will convert the pdb file to a prc so it WILL work with most 3rd party launcher apps and hacksAlso precompress files for hotsync - many times faster for archives with thousands of records or a slow link - transparent decompress.Batch beaming, backup and other operations on any palm DB.Capture to standard BMP filesServe web pages, or download them if you have internet access.Also, if you have Web Clipping support (VII, OmniSky, etc.) you can use a file download feature to grab zips - samples are at the homepage.
File Size830.08 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.0