What you've thought you will never see - it's here now. And your device can do it, too! A launcher program that integrates with your device and applications and making one new whole of all these pieces. Please note that the "WinLauncher HighRes" build is designed for any device that has screen size at least 320x320 Features: High Resolution Support - any CLIE, Palm or other device with a screen size at least 320x320 pixels is supported. Full Colour Range Support - greyscale to 65 thousands of colours are supported. Wide range of devices supported - anything with Palm OS 3.5 or above! More features: Week-In-Review - what you have to do today and the next 7 days is there on the screen, you just have to glance at it! Tasks and Appointments records shown by date - tap a line and you're already editing the record in corresponding application! Customization - arrange your apps in unlimited number of categories, access your favourite applications through shortcuts on the main screen! Launching Power - you can launch an application in 4 different ways! Even More Features Total Control - explore your device like you could never did before! See what's there in the memory and on the cards, create folders, move files and applications as you wish. Lightweight and Sharp - WinLauncher packs more launching power per square kilobyte than any other app on Earth If you are already interested, check the User Guide for more details. Or ask your friends - they are already using it....
File Size447.27 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 and above
  • High Resolution Screen - Palm, CLIE, Treo, Garmin, Zodiac, etc. device with screen size 320x320 or bigger