NutURL is a simple, yet versatile, application that will help you manage your URLs, user names, passwords, registration codes and programs. NutURL can manage two different sets of data. The first is manually entered information and the second is a file of imported URLs. Your manually entered information is presented to you via three views.Site - The site name and URL are displayed. User - The site name, user name and password are displayed. Program - The site name and program name are displayed. Then with a simple tap on the screen, all the other details are revealed to you.After registering NutURL, you will be granted access to The-Nut's Registered Software Users Site. There you can download your FREE copy of FavConvert. FavConvert is a Windows-based program that will convert your Internet Explorer Favorites into Palm database files. When these files are installed on your Palm device, they are easily browsed and read using NutURL.
File Size589.84 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>Palm OS 3.0