Switcheroo is a HackMaster utility program that allows you to rapidly launch applications from any program, without using the Palm OS launcher application. A quick activation stroke, followed by the character you have assigned to a particular application, is all that is required to launch a new program. Switcheroo is similar to RunWrite by Dove Software, but it also allows you to activate applications using a Palm Portable Keyboard.The Switcheroo program is designed to run on any Palm OS device running Palm OS version 2.0 or later. In addition, Switcheroo requires HackMaster, EVPlugBase, TealMaster, or X-Master to be installed in order to run. All four of these applications are programs that manage system extension programs ("hacks"). HackMaster is shareware and may be downloaded from DaggerWare. EVPlugBase is free and may be downloaded from PalmGear H.Q. (just enter "EVPlugBase" into the Search field). TealMaster is shareware, available from TealPoint Software. X-Master is freeware, which you can find at LinkeSOFT's Web page.Switcheroo is free software, distributed under GNU General Public License. If you'd like to take a look at the C source code (or use it for your own nefarious purposes), it's included with the program. The source may be built with the Palm PRC-Tools version 2.0 and the Palm OS 3.5 SDK.
File Size32.23 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0
  • Hackmaster