Hot Chick Database

Physical black books are *so* 70s - Palm devices are the wave of the future! This little application stores all the hot chicks you meet on all your wild adventures. You can retrieve the information, edit it, even BEAM chicks to your palm-toting buddies! Keep track of vital stats like Chest, Height, and of course a 4-star based rating system!The trial version of the program is free; however it is limited to just 3 chicks. If you are a stud who meets chicks and wants the hope of scoring someday, I suggest ordering the full version - not only does it have an unlimited chick storage database, but also comes with a conduit to back up, restore, transfer, and trade all your chicks using your PC. The full version costs a measly 5 bucks! That's it! Five dollars and you will have at your fingertips the potential to have a torrent of hot chicks raining down on you like only Fabio could handle!
Price USD 5
License Purchase
File Size 15.63 kB
Version 1.3
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.0