MLB 2001 is a shareware program that puts the MLB's 2001 season information on your Palm OS PDA. With the free downloadable version, you get: 1. MLB Schedule for each week of the 2001 season. You can view all of the games for a selected week, or you can view the games for a specific league (AL/NL) or for a division (e.g. NL East).2. MLB Schedule for each team for the 2001 season, viewable by month.3. Division standings for the end of the 2000 baseball season. 4. Postseason results for the 2000 baseball postseason action.5. The ability to find all of the games between two teams, or between one team and all teams within a selected division.Game times can be viewed for all 4 continental U.S. time zones; Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific.
File Size3.91 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0