The Palm's only Uninstall utility, and the only one you'll need! Use InWatch to monitor installations of all that shareware on your palm pilot so that you can ensure a complete uninstallation. Many shareware applications often leave bits and pieces of files behind when they are uninstalled. These bits and pieces can add up and waste your limited palm memory, cause conflicts, or just make your machine untidy! If an installation is monitored by InWatch, InWatch can ensure a COMPLETE uninstallation. Now includes the IW HotSync applet, allowing you to automatically do a Snapshot before every HotSync!InWatch is for the Beginner to the Advanced user. This program will pay for itself in terms of saved memory, resolved conflicts, and many other uses! Very fast and very easy to use. Try a free trial now.
File Size27.34 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0